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Bee The Future

Meeting Center/Stockist/Depo 2019 : Bee The Future

In 2019, the Meeting Center/Stockist/Depo was held again at Transformer Center, Batu, Malang. Taking the theme Bee The Future, the event which was attended by 100 C/S/D with a total of 114 participants wanted to socialize the new things that will be done by HDI in 2019, which will certainly bring the HDI business to develop in the future.

The first day was filled with sharing and testimonials from the owners who had extraordinary achievements in 2018, namely Purbalingga Depo, Pontianak Depo, Kelapa Gading Stockist, Palembang Learning Center, and Gading Serpong Learning Center. They came forward and shared their strategies and experiences in improving performance in 2018. After that, the event continued with the Understand Our Enterprisers session and concluded with the latest information about HDI One and HDI E-commerce.

The second day, the event was filled with presentation of information about updated marketing info and continued with team building activities with the theme Achiever Team, where participants were divided into groups and each group had its own challenges to be achieved to get points used to buy needs for SMA Selamat Pagi Indonesia students.

The third day, the participants conducted brainstorming and creative thinking sessions. In this session, they discussed what strategies C/S/D had to do to increase sales in 2019. Their enthusiasm was so visible in this session, it was seen from their activeness in presenting extraordinary ideas. In the evening, the program continued with a Gala Dinner using a black-and-yellow dresscode. Here, each participant displayed a performance group that has been prepared in advance. Laughter and joy graced the faces of the participants that night, excitement were felt, especially coupled with the announcement of the Best Performance 2018, where C/S/D reached the sales target and previously determined recruitment targets received awards.

The fourth day is the last day of the Meeting C/S/D. Question and Answer (QnA) session was held to summarize the program and material for the previous three days. "In the past few days, we can see how the HDI company is so committed to backing up and working with C/S/D owners. All this is certainly done to build Enterprisers throughout Indonesia!” said Ms. Sherly, the Gresik Family Center owner, responded to this event.

Not to forget, Mr. Dedy also responded to this event, "The C/S/D 2019 meeting event is the best! The main thing is to be present at the next C/S/D meeting!” said the owner of the Situbondo Learning Center.