Published at 18 - 09 - 2018

Days Of Love In London

England, also known as Britain/The United Kingdom, possesses spectacular sightseeing places. Nice town structure, numerous well-preserved historical monuments are made it irresistible to visit, like what HDI enterprisers felt during HDI Explore World Story: UK. They got a chance to explore this country, also known as “the Black Country”. Want to know more about their exciting trip?! Let’s see their travel journal!

15 Aug

Once arrived in London Heathrow airport, our Enterprisers were heading to Stamford Bridge stadium – this is the home base of Chelsea Football Club. This fantastic stadium indeed made them overwhelmed. In the afternoon, our Enterpriser visited the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey where Prince Harry got married to Meghan Markle . After that, we moved to Trafalgar Square and Town Bridge; a must-visit iconic spot in London, especially at night. We enjoyed Trafalgar Square (also with the beautiful water fountain) and Tower Bridge (which central span can be split into two bascules and raised). Of course, our enterprisers would not miss this rare chance and took lots of pictures to capture every moment at this beautiful place.

16th Aug

It was heavy rain on the second day. Our tour split into 2 groups. One group went to Windsor Castle while the other group went to Harry Potter Studio. After lunch, they changed and visit other group’s spot. Windsor castle is world’s biggest and oldest castle in the world which is still inhabited by for 39 kings/queens of England. Inside this castle, Enterprisers were captivated when they saw various enormous and enchanted rooms, including the garden.

17th Aug

On the third day, we checked out of hotel in the morning and travelled to Stonehenge. Being one of the most important of prehistoric monument England, Stonehenge consists of a group of huge rough-cut stones, arranged in two concentric circles. Next we travelled to City of Bath where there is a well-known cathedral church. Right next to it, is a place called Roman Bath, a historical site where City of Bath originated. Then they ended the day by celebrating Mrs. Leny Setiawati’s birthday and having dinner together.

18th Aug

Bourton on the water village is the first visited place on day four. This village has tremendously beautiful view and indulges the eye. One of the most interesting spot here is The Model Village, which is the imitation of the original surrounding. If we enter this village, we’ll become an ogre. It’s funny, don’t you think so? Our enterprisers couldn’t stop from being excited, as they travelled to Bibury Village. In Bibury Village, there are plentiful Stone Age village which arranged tidily with green woods and colorful flowers to embellish every single corner. In the afternoon, once again the group was split. Enterprisers, led by Mr. Julianto, were off to watch an exciting football match between Chelsea and Arsenal. The rest went to Oxford University and took lots of pictures were taken near Trinity College, Balliol College and Martyrs Memorial.

19th Aug

It is the day for shopping! Yeah, awesome right! Today enterprisers had the opportunity for shopping in Bicester Outlet, the shopping paradise for any tourist, where we were able to purchase branded bags and clothes at good prices.

20th Aug

The sixth day started with a visit to Liverpool Cathedral, the largest cathedral in UK and the 5th largest in Europe. Then we visited Anfield Stadium, the official home of Liverpool Football Club. One of our leaders, Mr. Dorius was the most devoted fan. He was very pleased and enthusiast that HDI made his dream came true. One of the most memorable and unforgettable moment was at the time of Dorius stepped a head to Anfield stadium and sing anthem Allez, Allez, Allez at Anfield Stadium. And for me, visiting The Making Of Harry Potter is very special moment which complement our experimental learning. The fact that we must book three months earlier in order to be able to get in here and it costs lots of money, but luckily, HDI gave it all for free! Wasn’t it fantastic?” asked Ms. Inawati, Dorius’s Wife.

21st Aug

This beautiful morning, by taking a cruise, we sailed through the gorgeous Windermere lake. The mesmerizing views, with beautiful gooses play in the tip of the pond. “Vacation to UK is such a beautiful moment; especially I could go with my wife. Fantastic! The great feeling when we go through the Windermere Pond Lake and watched those stunningly gorgeous views!” declared Mr. Eddy Handjaja Thong. Next they continued their journey to Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City Football Club. And finally they enjoyed their dinner at the Hardrock Café Manchester.

22nd Aug

Visiting three famous club stadiums hadn’t satisfied their wish. The last stop before going back to their home town was the Old Trafford Stadium, home of Manchester United Football Club. You can see our Enterprisers were impressed, satisfied and happy through their face. With HDI, they could achieve their dreams one by one. They were grateful to have the opportunity to visit this magnificent country, with the people they love! Finally, see you again on our next HDI Explore World! Good Morning!